Limitless Festival


Limitless Festival is a summer youth event. Having spent the last two years online due to Covid this was the first first time back in person and the festival has not only changed venue but also grown over double in size.

Over the 5 day Festival I headed up a team capturing the event and creating content. The main challenge was creating daily highlights as it meant we had to try and cover the whole event every day and say something different each time, but I also believe it was one of the most important things to do while we were there.

Why? Because these highlights were shown every morning in the main venue and the young people loved to see themselves on it. It gave them a sense of belonging and joy. People would often seek out the camera operators to try and get on the highlights. The festival is about the young people and these highlight videos really helped to champion them.

Another important consideration for the event was making sure the festival had its own feel, stands apart from all the other similar festivals. The Summer season is constantly packed with various festivals and to grow it helps to stand out and not always do the same thing all the other festivals are doing.

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