Food4Thought: One Year On

Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance

The Food 4 Thought Alliance aims to help people break out of the cycle of food poverty. Free food is not intended to be a long-term solution. To help end the cycle of poverty, the model will help those engaging with partners by providing support & advice.

After running for a year they wanted to celebrate what they have accomplished and look forward to the future.

After an initial meeting a plan was drawn up and a 6 min film was created with interviews from key people from various projects along with archive footage and photos. The film Celebrated the hard work of the volunteers involved and showcased future plans.

This film was commissioned to show at their 1 year celebration but can now also be used for fundraising and funders as well as promotion to ensure the longevity of our work.


"Sarah gave us an amazing service and produced exactly what we wanted to celebrate a year of working in the pandemic in supporting people in need. The video helps us to highlight our important work, celebrate the hard work of all volunteers involved and showcase our future plans. We can now use this video for fundraising and funders as well as promotion to ensure the longevity of our work."  

Paul Brookhouse, Project Manager

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