Who are Champs?


CHAMPS is a wellbeing consultancy. They equip teams, managers and leaders with the practical tools, knowledge and information they need to create a lasting culture of positive wellbeing and engagement at work.

Their current video had become outdated as CHAMPS had changed and evolved over the recent years and a new current video was needed. Their main aim was to help explain who theyare; their core values and show what they bring to their clients in a clear and precise way.

Some of the best people to explain who you are and have the most sway with others are your clients. Set at an event put on by Champs we strategically gathered testimonial soundbites from clients and partners along with an interview from Champs' Founder and CEO. This all then came together with shots of the event to bring an authentic feel and narrative, showing what working with Champs would/could look like.

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