Volunteers at ELS

Elim Pentecostal Churches

The Elim Leaders Summit draws together ministers, church leaders and their spouses, along with missionaries, chaplains, church planters, youth and children’s leaders, church volunteer and emerging leaders from with in the movement.

There are lots of ways video can be used creatively for an event. Promos and event reviews are an obvious must, but there can be more.

This annual event takes a lot of man power to make happen, so having volunteers working during the event is vital to maker the running of the conference go smoothly. A video showing the event, hearing from the volunteers, seeing them enjoying their work brought together a compelling and vibrant promotional film.

Over the last few years Elim Leaders Summit wanted to produce an opener for their event which fit with the theme and the branding of that year and something to grab and excited the audience. This has often involved working across disciplines such as music, dance, video, spoken word and something that has grown in ambition each time. Below is an example of one of these openers. I produced with 8 separate screens working in unison together with music from a live band.

There are so many ways to add creative video content to enhance an event and these are just a couple of examples.

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